Bulk Fueling

NZR offers a dependable bulk fueling service for all tank sizes at competitive prices. NZR can provide your company with a portable tank or offer assistance regarding your tank purchase options.  NZR consigns a sophisticated and computerized fleet of delivery trucks, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thru its logistics’ partners  to meet your needs. Our team members can keep your company in compliance with today's bulk fuel storage EPA and OSHA regulations.  At NZR we make sure to completely understand your company operations so that we can better provide you with the right products and keep fill services, exceeding all supply demands.

Commercial Transport Delivery


NZR is proud to serve Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.
As we grow, NZR is fully committed to our customers and will stand behind all of our products and services with a total guarantee. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days week, 365 days a year.
With over a quarter century of experience, we can provide your company with knowledgeable solutions for all your company's fuel supply challenges. All this, while delivering the best service this industry has to offer. Our customers include many industry leaders as well as Fortune 500 Companies in each sector of business; construction, commercial, waste services, trucking, retail, municipal, agriculture, aggregate and more.

Emergency Fueling


When you need fuel supply and you need it delivered rapidly, that’s Emergency Fueling. NZR specializes in emergency fueling. Companies, hospitals, and first responders all trust NZR to manage their emergency fuel supply and get fuel delivered to them quickly when it’s needed during power outages and other disasters.Business Continuity Threats - Managing Risks 


The NZR Approach

We consult with you to review the various threats that can impact your ability to remain in business. NZR believes that emergency fueling is done best when it’s strategically planned in advance of the storm. We conduct in-depth needs assessments – often times with customers who have dozens of facilities across multiple states – in order to develop customized emergency fueling solutions that are cost effective and battle tested. 


For more details on Emergency Fuel Solutions see:    

Generator Assurance Plan - a guaranteed fuel supply and quality control contract for your emergency generator.   

Emergency Fueling Response Team - our logistics coordinators and drivers who are ready to deploy to hurricanes and disaster zones.


Real Estate


For more than 20 years, NZR has been facilitating the acquisition, sale and management of retail gasoline and convenience store properties. Our team includes:
    Petroleum industry specialists
    Real estate analysts
    Site planners
    Convenience store operations specialists




NZR network spans Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. We have nearly 70 retail stations throughout this four-state footprint, representing four major brands.
NZR Channels of Trade 
We deliver fuel into four distinct types of locations:
    Wholesale supplied locations
    Commission operated locations
    Commission store-front operated locations
    Company operated locations
    NZR owns the fuel inventory
    Licensing and tax reporting are all NZR’ responsibility
    Accounting is fully automated
    NZR and the retailer split the fuel profit
Dealer :
    Owner/operator owns the fuel inventory 
NZR Can Help Retailers in Several Ways:
    Real estate site selection to help them get into more sites
    Store remodeling programs
    Relationships with financing companies
    Training for store team members and location managers
    Merchandising assistance
    Dispenser replacement programs
    Community involvement programs to help them connect with their local markets


Supply & Terminal


NZR Our Supply Team in our market provides access to the primary decision makers in the fuel industry. 

The Supply Division can develop creative ideas to source fuel in a variety of ways to take advantage of changing market conditions. With a combination of bulk purchases, indexed formulas and rack buying, the Supply Team ensures that NZR has product for its customers when and where they need it. 

Our Supply Team members are trained to answer technical questions on traditional fuels as well as a full slate of biofuels including ethanol and biodiesel.  NZR Headquarters is located in Coral Gables, Florida. With terminals located through our operational area  petroleum products storage and loading terminal with huge  gallon capacity of storage for gasoline, ethanol, and diesel fuel. It is open to receive and deliver product 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. NZR also has a strong relationship with Husky Energy that allows for storage at any of Husky's 50 petroleum products terminals.